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team building

team building activities

  • Yike Bikes that can operate anywhere (indoors/outdoors)
  • Hovercraft and Blokarts for city and beach sites
  • Some wild surprises
We have the essentials for an enjoyable unforgettable day.

beach adventure day

Harrisson Grierson had this to say about their experience:

"Everyone had a fantastic time, you couldn't shut us up at the restaurant, we were all very worn out from our full day at the beach - it was awesome. We have posted our photographs at work and we have other departments at Harrison Grierson very interested in attending your Adventure Day next year.

Thank you again, we found quite a few of our team members stepped outside of their comfort zones doing the Blokarting and Parasailing, they felt great about their achievements and we were proud of them!"
We offer a very different exciting day out at the beach (Kariotahi or Waiuku). If it is windy we break out the blokarts ( We set up a course and everyone has a turn at whizzing around the course.

If there are light winds the blokarts will not operate, so we convert the blokarts into slide buggies. this is amazing... we tow one or two buggies behind a jeep and you can go wild 3 wheel sliding the buggy all over the show.

And those that dare can have a go at our totally unique surprise. This looks very radical, but is totally safe and anyone from kids to 80 year olds can have a really wild experience.

Another optional extra, if there are safe conditions and there is enough time, is to have a go on our short line parasail. This is towed behind a vehicle on the beach. You have a gentle float above the beach and do not get wet.

Everyone has a turn at doing what they want. While they are waiting for their turns they can play beach games which we supply (cricket, football, frisbee, volleyball etc).